Is your dog or cat resistant to cold weather? It’s a common myth that their fur will keep them warm. The reality is that your dog and cat can get frostbite and hypothermia just like you. Snow or just cold temperatures threaten the well being of your pet. Keep your pets safe with these cold weather pet care tips.

With the cold temperatures this week, if there is any way possible, bring your pets inside. If bringing them indoors is not an option, create a shelter preferably off of the ground with the door/entrance braced from wind. Include warm, thick, dry bedding. You may even offer them a sweater! There are special heated dog houses and special pet warming blankets on the market today that can provide added protection for your pet.

Shorten your pet’s walks and check your pet’s paws after walking outdoors to make sure they aren’t bleeding or cracked as this can indicate frostbite. If your dog or cat is not acting normal, seems anxious or weak, is whining, shivering or stops moving, they may have hypothermia. Bring them inside quickly and contact your vet immediately if there are symptoms of frostbite or hypothermia.

Always make sure fresh, unfrozen water is available for your pet. Be aware that outdoor cats and other animals may seek warmth and comfort near your car tires or even in engines. Make a lot of noise and even honk before you turn on your car just in case.

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